MicroVisual Image Analyser (powered by IMTechonology www.imt-digital.com) offers complete features for imaging visualization, analysis and detailed archiving of microscopy applications.  The software is designed in a user-friendly manner to deliver excellent imaging analysis which are available in three versions as below:

   Image Analyser LITEfor capturing, processing & manual measurements.

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(PDF 3 MB)
Live view
Live measurement
Digital zoom at live view
Auto/Manual exposure
Auto/Manual white balance
Live image flip and enhancement
Time lapse capture/Movie recording
Crosshair, grid mask & scale at live view
Transparent image & time stamp at live view
Edge/Morphological filters

Standard extended depth-of-field (EDF)
Advanced EDF for stereoscopic displacement
Uneven illumination correction
Shading correction
Reflected light correction
Auto/Manual image stitching
Standard fluorescence mask
Auto/Manual calibration
Calibration file protection & sharing
Various manual standard measurements
Various perpendicular/parallel measurements
Various irregularity measurements
Standard measurement parameters
Measurement data table
One-pixel accuracy control
Zoom-in window at various magnifications
3D intensity simulated view
Results export to Excel
   Image Analyser STANDARD - for automated measurements & standard analysis.

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(PDF 4.5 MB)
All the features in LITE version
Illuminator control
Advanced fluorescence mask
Advanced measurement parameters
Statistics data for all measurement parameters
Classification of measurement data
Advanced thresholding (Auto & Manual)
Object editing (with flexible filters)

Macro (automated processing)
Data collector
Particle size analysis
Phase Analysis
Live & stained cell count
Average width measurement on irregular forms
   Image Analyser ADVANCED - for advanced analysis.

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(PDF 9 MB)
All the features in LITE & STANDARD versions
Live image stitching
Large (oversize) object measurement
Line edge/width detector
Box edge/width detector
Multi-width detector
Particle shape & size analysis
Graphite analysis
Ferrite analysis
Dendrite arm spacing (DAS) analysis
Grain size analysis (intercept & planimetric)
Chart navigator
Coating analysis
Inclusion rating
Volume fraction
Rusting analysis
Microindentation hardness analysis
Filter contamination analysis
Banding analysis
Size analysis
Yarn filament analysis
MicroVisual Solution is the local distributor of IMT microscope camera and i-Solution image analysis software.