Frequently Asked Questions

Q01: I couldn't open images other than DEMO images in the software?
        A: Make sure you have plugged in the Dongle Key before opening the software.
            Make sure the purchased Dongle Key is licensed for the similar version of software installed.

Q02: I still couldn't open images other than DEMO images after following the steps in Q01?
        A: Plug out the Dongle Key, uninstall the software.
            Make sure Dongle Key is not plugged into PC, and reinstall the software.
            Plug in the Dongle Key only after installation of software is completed.

Q03: I have followed the steps in Q01 and Q02, but I still couldn't open other images?
        A: The Dongle Key has probably expired for latest upgrade.
            Contact to purchase latest upgrade.
Q04: I opened five (5) images, but I can only see one (1) image in the software?
        A: Perhaps you have unintentionally closed down Context Window.
            Go to View, and click on Context Window.
Q05: I want to close all opened images, besides closing one by one, how to close all at one go?
        A: Go to Window, select Close All.
Q06: The measurement line and font are too small (or too big), how to make it bigger?
        A: Go to FIle>Preferences>Measurements, on Visibility, adjust Line thickness and Font.

Q07: The image file size is too big, I tried to save in JPG format to compress, but size still the same?
        A: Select JPG format, go to Option (at the bottom right of Save window), and select the desired compression level.
Q08: Why I couldn't see the measurement line and labels at the image file I saved?
        A: You must apply (flatten) the measurement line and labels to the image before you saved,
            to do this, go to Image, and click on Apply Vectors.
Q09: Why the measurement line and labels became so small after I pressed Apply Vectors?
        A: IMT image analyser caters for all compatible images of all sizes captured using microscope
            of different pixel count (resolution). Go to File>Preferences>Measurement, you can see "Visibility"
            that controls a consistent size of line and label for viewing purpose regardless how the user adjust
            the zooming. On the other hand, "Apply to image" controls the final size of line and label that user
            apply to the image. Due to the different sizes of camera pixel count, user is required to adjust this
            setting (Apply to image) on a case-by-case basis according to the resolution of the captured
MicroVisual Solution is the local distributor of IMT microscope camera and i-Solution image analysis software.