Software Download
Software requires purchased Dongle key to have full access to all images and functions.
Without Dongle, software works in limited DEMO mode.
In DEMO mode, software access is restricted to DEMO images
only (download below).
 IMT i Cameras (version 3.7)
 IMT Image Analyser AUTO (version 9.6)
 IMT Image Analyser Premium (version 10.6)
 IMT Image Analyser DT (version 11.2)
 (Applicable to DT-L, DT and DT-M)
Demo Images Download
Download DEMO images now (to work in software demo mode) and explore the comprehensive
yet intuitive IMT Image Analyser.
 DEMO Images (Requires WinRAR to uncompress)

Camera Drivers Download
Download iCM series microscope camera drivers (IMT i-Solution) here.
 iCM 3.0 (IMT)
 iCM 5.0 (IMT)
 iCM 9.0 (IMT)
Capture Drivers Download
Installation of capture drivers is required to allow direct control of microscope cameras via PC.
Capture drivers also enable LIVE functions such as live focus, live shading correction, live stitching (applicable to certain versions only) etc.
 Capture Drivers (IMT)
MicroVisual Solution is the local distributor of IMT microscope camera and i-Solution image analysis software.